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August 2022 Appeal – Radios for Africa

15 August 2022

By helping us provide radios for people in Africa, you’ll be bringing the Gospel to millions who need it!

Dear Listener,

Imagine being a poor African villager living each day on barely more than a dollar. You have never known a life outside your village area. What you know of the world is only the profound poverty that is your everyday life.

Then you receive a gift that offers hope at last — a simple radio. Through that radio you learn that God loves you and sent his Son to bring you a better life. And you believe.

Today I want to share how your partnership with TWR will speak God’s hope to the hearts of people in Africa, where it is so desperately needed.

For more than 65 years, TWR has used radio and other media to share the Gospel in some of our world’s most difficult places. However, our broadcasts won’t make any difference if people don’t have radios! So we’ve launched a campaign to provide portable radios for people who need them — as many as we can, wherever we can. In Africa, just £40 enables us to provide a radio that can serve an individual, a family or a whole village. At last, people can hear life-changing Christian programmes in their own languages.


Today, I’d like to invite you to join me in this exciting effort. Your gift of £40 will provide a radio for a person in Africa. A gift of £80 will provide two radios. Whatever you can give today, you’ll be playing a vital role in bringing the good news to millions of people.

In the remote areas of this huge continent, many people have no access to the internet or television. Radio becomes their vital link to the outside world.

Sadly, many Africans can’t afford to buy even a simple radio. But they still deserve to hear the life-changing messages that TWR offers. So we’re committed to making sure they can receive them – by providing them with inexpensive, portable windup radios.

It’s hard to express how much these radios mean to those who receive them. Here’s what one listener in Nigeria had to say:

“I want to thank God Almighty for what he has done today by giving me a radio. May God also bless all the leaders in TWR. I must say that I am so happy.”

We receive reports like this wherever we’ve been able to distribute these radios. We simply must keep doing it – to make Christian programming available to as many more people as possible.

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Please join us in this important project. Your gift will mean so much to the people of Africa, who will be blessed by your generosity. Thank you for caring.