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Breaking the Chains of Shame

21 September 2023

TWR Women of Hope educates, encourages, and equips women to fulfil God’s purposes for them. The namesake programme, Women of Hope, began 25 years ago and has grown to include 73-plus languages.


Precious and Beloved is the newest project from TWR Women of Hope. Designed for women from a Muslim background, the audio series will include 52 episodes to help women break the shackles of shame so they can live as beloved daughters of the King. Topics include loss, beauty and outward appearance, distrust, motherhood, jealousy, womanhood, worry and anxiety, and friendship.


As women are freed from the shame and guilt imposed on them by society or religion, they can live out their true identities in Christ—loved unconditionally, precious, accepted, and empowered to walk victoriously.


In Jesus’ time, women weren’t allowed to converse with men in the streets. Think of how the disciples reacted when they saw Jesus interacting with the woman at the well (John 4:27). They were surprised to find him talking with the woman, but Jesus operated based on kingdom values rather than on worldly principles, treating both sexes with dignity.


“When you share how Jesus related to women in the Bible, it gives Iranian women so much hope because they don’t have any rights or identity in Islam,” said TWR’s Farsi ministry director.


Through the Precious and Beloved audio series, listeners address their inner struggles until they are set free with the realization of who they truly are. To see themselves the way God sees them.


The programme’s writer explains,


“I’m a precious and beloved daughter of the King, which makes me a princess and royalty, regardless of where I come from, who my family is, my social status, my religious background, or what I do in life. I have great value and I was bought with a high price—the blood of Jesus.” 


Prayer Points:

  • Continue to pray for those tuning into TWR programmes across the Middle East, pray that people will be blessed and encouraged as they listen to biblical content.
  • Pray for the safety of all those involved in broadcasting and translating programmes in various nations across the region.