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2 February 2021

We recently received a report from the TWR Women of Hope ministry in Mali, Africa. They shared with us the impact which the Women of Hope radio programme has in the lives of women across the country. God is using this programme to change lives!

“The programme Women of Hope teaches a lot about women. We discover things we don’t know about ourselves. As women, we are truly enlightened. I never miss the broadcast hour as long as it’s in my power.”

“The Women of Hope programme is a real advisor for us. It advises us on the right way to behave among ourselves as women, in the home as well as with the neighbourhood. It gives advice on health; it is a mirror for us in life. I love this programme. All my blessings to everyone involved in making the Women of Hope programmes.”

“The programme guides us on the right path. It encourages us in the right way to do things, especially the education of our children. It is very important to us and we learn a lot from it. This programme is a real means of development in our society. May the Lord be with this programme and all the women of hope who are working so that we can benefit from it.”

“I am a Muslim, but broadcast times do not pass without my knowledge. All the advice we hear in the shows is very useful for life. You are a good educator. May God bless you with a long life, good health and sustainability to Women of Hope.”


Join us as we pray for the women in Mali who are listening and receiving the Women of Hope radio programme. Pray that it will reach more women and bless more lives.