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20 April 2021

In a culture where you may face persecution for calling yourself a Christian, how can we still evangelise and spread the Gospel to people that need it the most?

The Voice of Truth is a weekly, one-hour programme that ministers to the overlooked and stigmatised Roma people of Prilep; 98 per cent are from a Muslim background. It is written and produced by Pastor Edijan and his team and is broadcast on a local FM station in Prilep. In 2020, the programmes were a great blessing to the people at a time when worship services were not held due to the pandemic.

Most people listen with their friends who have never heard of Christianity. Many do not attend church, because they are afraid of condemnation from their society and family. Later, when they come to know the truth, they no longer have the fear or shame of coming to church and being in communion with other believers. This is why The Voice of Truth is such an effective way of evangelising.

Mira is 27 years old and shared her story with us: “My childhood was very difficult. My parents were divorced, and I lived with my mother and stepfather in a large family. Nobody paid any attention to me. I was often dirty and hungry, and almost every day my stepfather shouted at me and beat me. My mother was sick and couldn’t take care of me. I didn’t feel loved or accepted and because of that, I cried a lot. I didn’t go to school regularly because no one insisted on it. Often, female children in our neighbourhood do not even finish primary school but get married or start living an immoral and promiscuous life. Then a friend of mine started talking to me about Christ and his love. It touched my heart and for the first time in my life, I realised that there is someone who really loves me and cares about me. I realised that my life should not be like my parents’ lives. I went to church and regularly listened to radio programmes in the Romani language with a group of young people. These programmes were a great inspiration for me because I was learning new things about God and they also motivated me to start a new life. I went back to school and finished both elementary and high school. God has blessed my life – I have found a good job and a wonderful husband who is also a Christian. I want other young people to understand that Christ is the one who changes lives and lifts people from the mud.”


Join us as we thank God for the way He has worked in Mira’s life. Please pray for the Roma community, that they would be inspired by the programmes and would come to know the love of God personally.