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29 October 2021

During coronavirus lockdowns, it was difficult for many of our teams to meet face-to-face with listeners. For our TWR teams in North Africa, visiting people is a critical aspect of their follow-up. They had to find innovative and creative ways to stay connected to those we care about. The follow-up team for listeners in Kabylia did just that and have overcome these challenges in a unique way. Interacting through VoIP/Viber and Facebook were very valuable to many listeners. They provided a lifeline for some women and families!

Considering the immense challenges, the team did an outstanding job to keep the ministry going. The team went the extra mile when it came to helping people in their communities. As they saw the struggles of many families and individuals, they did what they could to help and mobilise assistance. Despite the restrictions, the team were able to distribute radio with SD cards pre-loaded with TWR programmes and meet with a small number of listeners, where possible, to encourage them.

Several phone calls were received thanking the team for the continued broadcasts and helping listeners see that there is hope. The number of Facebook subscribers has grown organically from 38 in June to 280 by the end of December 2020. The dedicated follow-up team enabled the Gospel to continue to be spread to Kabyle listeners, in spite of challenges!

A Christian lady asked for a visit on one of her calls to the Women of Hope-Kabyle team. She gave a specific time for the visit because she didn’t want her husband or son to be home, scared of their reaction. She is the only Christian in her home and her husband and son are abusive. When our team member eventually visited the mother in her home, she was so thankful. She said, “You are like a daughter to me, a daughter who is mature and whom I can really trust and feel safe with!” She explained how she was patiently waiting on the Lord to bring change in the hearts and minds of her family members.

Join us as we thank the Lord for the Thru The Bible Kabyle programme that has been airing for several years. Pray for wisdom and creativity over the Kabyle ministry team as they consider the steps and elements for a new app to be developed for the Kabyle ministry.