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A woman praying


15 May 2018

Aida* in Angola was only eight months old when her parents separated. Her father took her away, where she remained in his care for 17 years. He was not a good father. He did not respect women and treated his daughter poorly because of her gender. Without love, Aida’s childhood was by no means normal, and she suffered as a young girl.

As she grew older, that mistreatment drove Aida to pursue things that distracted her from her pain. She turned to drugs to satisfy her loneliness. Life for her was a dark path without a flicker of hope.

However, there was someone who still remembered Aida – her mother. While Aida was hurting and alone, Aida’s mother prayed. By the grace of God, her mother joined a TWR Women of Hope intercessor group, and together they prayed for her precious daughter.

In time, Aida’s mother’s prayers were answered! Aida and her mum were reunited, and Aida found hope in Jesus. Discovering the love of God and community in the prayer group, Aida no longer needed to run away from her pain.

Today, Aida is a married, working mother. Aida and her mother continue to pray with the TWR Women of Hope group and praise God for giving Aida hope and a future.
Don’t you love a happy ending? It is easy to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of brokenness in the world. However, God sends us reminders, like Aida and her mother, that he is still working in hearts and that he has not given up.

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*Name changed