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29 September 2020

The harsh impacts of the pandemic have been many and varied – from the potential deadliness of the illness itself to the anxiety that has gripped society, from lost jobs and businesses to crippling loneliness. This last effect sometimes seems worse than the virus itself for older people who are at greater risk for infection and thus live cut off from loved ones.

TWR digital and broadcast programmes have been providing practical information and Bible-centred spiritual counsel throughout the strictest coronavirus lockdowns. A TWR360 user recently offered a moving testimony about the value of these programmes.

This user of TWR’s web portal has been a Christian for more than 65 years and during the height of the lockdowns was secluded in a small town having little contact with others and no in-person church services to attend.

“My family all live 1,500 miles away from me, and, to be honest, this is the hardest time I’ve ever encountered,” the user wrote.

Our correspondent logged on to TWR360 and listened to Season of Hope. The 29-minute TWR production was recorded early in the course of the pandemic and featured uplifting reports about ministry work around the world and interviews with Samaritan’s Purse CEO Franklin Graham and hymn composer Keith Getty.

“I need encouragement daily to not give in to discouragement and despair, and this programme sure ministered,” the TWR360 visitor wrote. “Thank you so much, and God bless you all. I love the hymn done on this programme too, by the way.”

Season of Hope is one among dozens of programmes collected on TWR360 under the heading “COVID-19: From Turmoil to Hope”.

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Join us as we pray for all those who are struggling with loneliness, worry and anxiety during the pandemic. We thank God for the hope of the Gospel and ask that TWR programmes would continue to share this hope with many during this struggle.