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8 June 2021

Did you know in the Persian-speaking world, becoming a Christian is illegal and can be very risky? Because of their faith, many Christians experience varying degrees of suffering. This may include being arrested, interrogated, imprisoned, losing employment, and rejection from family. Despite these risks, many are still hungry for the truth and are coming to faith in Christ!

In this region of the world, we must be cautious about our ministry. Many Christians are afraid to trust each other as they fear others may reveal their faith to authorities. In addition, many house churches have been closed by the government and others are cautious about meeting together. As a result, Christians are scattered and become weak in their faith, with no church for mutual encouragement or discipleship.

An important part TWR Canada’s ministry involves running training conferences which provide a safe location for Christians to gather, worship and pray together. Due to COVID-19, we have not been able to host in-person conferences. Instead, believers have been able to meet for online gatherings three days a week to learn together and encourage one another. Persian believers are continuing to find fellowship and are growing in faith together through these online gatherings.

Over the past year, TWR Canada have also increased our emphasis on the Persian internet radio station, with programmes shared on social media as well. Here are a few testimonies from listeners:

“Hello, I wanted to thank you for the programmes on Facebook and Instagram, which changed my life and strengthened my faith. I feel more peace and blessing in my life than before, and I owe this to your posts. Thank you!”

“Best regards. I listen to your radio programmes every day. Excellent programmes with many different topics.”

“My sister has changed a lot in the last few years and finally she told me why! A few years ago, she discovered your Facebook page. After a few months of reading your posts and listening to your programmes, she believed in Christ and her life was changed. So, I started listening to your programmes which are highly effective. Also, I am reading the Bible online too! Is it possible to send me a Bible? Thank you for all your efforts.”

“God bless you! Thank you for your wonderful Bible study! God changed me and I am a believer now. My life is full of blessings and joy because of your radio programmes. Thank you very much, and may God bless you.”

“It has been a year since I came to believe in the Lord Jesus through your programmes! I would love to be baptised.”

Join us as we praise God for the growing online ministry to Persian believers! Please pray that these Christians would be strengthened and encouraged, so that they would be able to stand firm in the face of persecution.