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16 June 2020

Single-parent homes appear to be increasing around the world, and single mothers lead the vast majority of them. Although the reasons vary, their struggles are similar. Many are raising children on their own and in the challenges of family life they long for comfort and hope.

Today we share the stories of two women in different parts of the world who found themselves single and God met their needs as single mothers.

The first, Ajkuna (not her real name), is from Albania. She is a believer who says, “I am a single mother, and I have raised my two daughters by myself. My husband died unexpectedly, and God has been my only comfort during all these years.”
This widow goes on to say, “I like your TWR Women of Hope prayer-calendar programme and pray every day together with you.”

Another woman, called Kesor (not her real name), lost her husband due to infidelity. He left her for another woman, and like Ajkuna, Kesor is raising children on her own.
This single mother says, “I didn’t know who I could depend on after my husband left us, because my children and I were always dependent on him. During that difficult time, I was hopeless and depressed and thought about suicide.”

These women, different in so many ways, each found hope and comfort in God. Because of this hope, Ajkuna says, “The prayer calendar is very crucial because it helps us to understand the situations of women all around the world.”

Kesor, her sister in Christ, says, “God brought me hope through the Woman of Hope programmes. I listen to them with a group of women, and I would like to thank your team that produces this programme. Thank you to Jesus Christ as well. Amen!”


Join us as we pray for single parents around the world. We ask that God would give them strength and patience as they raise their children, and that those who are struggling would find hope and comfort in Christ.