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Two young men in a Persian speaking country


16 October 2018

“When I was 18 years old, I joined the military with one of my best friends. But we went to different cities. After two years, when we saw each other again, my friend was completely changed. He didn’t even curse or make jokes about other people and I realised something had changed in his life. I asked him “What happened to you? Why are you not like you were before? Why are you not cursing or making jokes about other people?” He told me he was a Christian and I was so surprised.

I thought he was joking. I didn’t take him seriously because he always made jokes. But something really had changed in his life. He told me “I am a Christian and I will never curse again. I don’t want to have the life I had before.” He told me “You can be a Christian too. Jesus changed my life; he can change you.” I told him I don’t care about religion or about God or prophets, because I asked them before to help my family. We always had a lot of money issues but God never did anything.

I don’t like God, but my friend kept saying “Jesus is different, he’s not like others. He’s alive; you can ask him and he will change your life.” After a few days I thought he was trying to brainwash me. But when I saw how his life had changed, in my heart I said to myself “I want what he has right now. He’s happier. He has the same family same situation as me, but he’s happy and has hope. I want what he has.”

I told him I would love to know more about Jesus and he gave me a Bible and the Jesus Film. I saw the Jesus Film and it made me cry when I saw what a nice man Jesus was and what other people did to him. After spending a few weeks with my friend, I asked him a lot of questions. Then I decided to give my heart to Jesus.

Today I am listening to your radio programmes. Your radio programme is a gift to my life. I am learning a lot by listening to your radio programmes. I want to say thank you for what you are doing. Lord bless all of you. Your brother in Christ.” – A Persian Ministry Listener 

Prayer Pointers

  • The Persian-speaking region is one of the least-Christian in the world, with less than 0.2% of the population claiming an evangelical Christian faith.
  • However that Christian community is growing fast, and the need for the Gospel is enormous.
  • Please pray for TWR’s operations in the region, through online portals like TWR360 (which includes the Jesus Film) and through traditional broadcasts from our short and medium wave transmitters.
  • Please pray for TWR’s Silk Road Project which, it is hoped, will inaugurate a new transmitter speaking into the Persian speaking world and Central Asia.