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Hope in Central Asia: Conveniently and Compactly Heard

1 June 2023

From radio to media players to apps, God has provided us with ample modes of technology to speak hope to the world. But what about those people who are harder to reach?


In Central Asia, government-enforced religious restrictions hinder the ability to attend church safely and control what content smartphone and internet users can access and download. Many people in these countries live in rural areas and have limited access to reliable electricity, which means modern technology isn’t always the most effective way to share the gospel. Therefore, we must be creative and strategic in how we spread the hope of Jesus. Read on to learn how through convenient and compact methods like portable radios, SD cards and USB sticks loaded with biblical content, Central Asia is hearing God’s Word and growing in faith!


In 2022, the TWR team in Canada distributed 2,300 portable radios, 2,600 SD cards and 190 USB sticks to people in countries across Central Asia. Not only are recipients’ lives changed, but even more lives are changed when the message or device itself is shared with family and friends, as well as amongst churches and communities.


As persecution of Christians is common in these countries, TWR provides biblically sound content on various devices so that people can hear and study God’s Word safely and be strengthened in their faith. When these devices are distributed, it’s done in a strategic manner to ensure they get into the hands of the people who need them most. These pre-programmed devices make it possible for people to hear God’s Word from the comfort and safety of their homes.


In one country, where access to electricity is particularly inconsistent, recipients rely on these devices for wisdom and guidance so much that they will charge the radios when electricity is available so that they have access to the programmes during power outages. With a 72-hour battery life and a flashlight, these portable radios equip their recipients with spiritual light and physical light! Here are some of the grateful responses we have received:


“Hello and thank you for the radio! First of all, the audio comes through clear and crisp, and the voices are pleasant. The interpretation of the Word is deep and accessible — easy for the listener to understand. Secondly, the radio is very compact so you can carry it in your purse or pocket. The speaker works well and it’s comfortable to listen to, with or without headphones. The flashlight is bright and it charges easily. I’m thankful to God for you and for such an idea.”


“After receiving the radio, my family and I listened endlessly to the Word – and it was in our language! There were times when our relatives and acquaintances found it difficult to understand the Word of God. But now with the radio, I don’t have to look on YouTube or Google to find Scripture. I thank God for the people who invented such a great device. It’s convenient and compact; the Word can be heard among our people, anywhere, anytime. We can listen to it together and it speaks so deeply to the heart. Thank you for this blessing.”


Receiving the device at a specific time of need in their lives, another listener commented that God granted them the strength to endure difficult circumstances through the messages on these devices. Other listeners have shared that the teaching on the devices brings conviction and revelation, with one recipient even testifying that they accepted Christ through the radio! Additionally, through the discussions and worship songs, listeners feel connected to the Church.