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A young girl ready to attend a wedding in KZN


20 November 2018

From a meeting in a Baptist church 35 years ago, TWR’s Zulu language ministry (TWR-KZN) has grown into a thriving ministry which is now working on reaching out across the world.

The team began by recording 15 minute episodes of Thru the Bible (in Zulu, Amazwi Okuphila) and over the years has expanded, creating programmes focused on transforming the lives of individuals, families and churches, with the purpose of influencing others through a biblical worldview. “We produced discipleship programmes addressing the spiritual and health needs of children, women, men, church leaders and families,” said Petros Gwala, TWR’s current Zulu Ministry Director.

TWR-KZN broadcasts through local FM stations and on medium wave from TWR’s own transmitter, and produced Hope for our Children in Zulu as a first step to reach vulnerable children with the Word of God through distribution of media content on audio devices. The ministry values partnership with the local community and works with churches to run discipleship and prayer groups. “TWR-KZN also built relationship with the churches in Durban and partnered with them in reaching the large Indian community in KZN [Kwa Zulu Natal] for Jesus,” said Petros.

Recent changes to the ministry have included introducing a WhatsApp number through which listeners can interact with the team, and making Women of Hope (in Zulu, Abesifazane Abanethemba) available on media players.

Next, TWR-KZN wants to broadcast on Internet radio to reach out to Zulu speakers across the globe. “We want to make use of social media platforms to increase our reach and to also connect with beneficiaries of Zulu language programmes all over the world. We want to see the Zulu ministry touch more lives through the Word of God,” concluded Petros.

10 million people speak Zulu, mainly in Southern Africa but with a significant global diaspora. Please join us in praying for the development of the ministry over the coming months and years, for God to speak through the broadcasts into the lives of Zulu speakers.