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5 January 2021

From summer 2019 to March of 2020, TWR India distributed media players and study kits to a multitude of unreached people groups in India. We are grateful to TWR supporters who made this possible and for God’s providence in the timing. We want to share with you a few stories from each region where kits were distributed!

In East India:

“It is a very good tool for our mission field in reaching the lost. This will also help our believers to grow spiritually and increase their biblical knowledge. I deeply appreciate TWR India’s initiative in producing the Bible study programme in local languages.”– Bishop Roul

“These audio messages will not only help people experience salvation but will also help our local ministers to prepare sermons for Sunday service. I am very pleased that TWR India has initiated such a great work to see that the community is saved.”– Rev. Patras

“Our community is new to Christianity, most of the people are first-generation Christians. I am a pastor to my community, but I have no formal training and am not well-rooted in the Word of God. I welcome any biblical resource made available in my heart language. It was just before the lockdown that we received the Bible study in the Malto language and the kit. I was very excited to learn in-depth teaching through this means. We have also been able to form a small group of listeners even during this time of lockdown. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to listen to a study in our own language, where hardly any biblical resource is available. The kit is a handy tool for us to listen as individuals, families and in groups.”


In Central India:

“I am a first-generation Christian and I work among the unreached people in my area. It has been my privilege to be introduced to TWR India’s programme, which has been very helpful to me personally as I have not had any Bible study like this. I have been able to go to the villages surrounding mine and introduce this programme. I would like to get more of the audio players as it is a great way to share the Word with the people here, who are illiterate. Many are farmers and live a simple life, but they are hungry to know the truth.”– Ravidas


In West India:

“Muniya used to watch people gathering in his neighbours house every week and was curious to know what they were doing. It was a radio home group and Muniya had the opportunity to attend one day. He liked the Bible study and was attracted to the teaching that was in his own language, so he began to attend regularly. He gave his life to Jesus and became a regular member of the local church. Today he leads his own radio home group. Seen in the picture beside is his family listening to the study in Bhili during the COVID-19 lockdown.”


In North India:

“I am thankful to God and TWR for providing us with an audio player to listen to the Word of God. During this lockdown period, our family was not able to attend church. Whenever tension builds up in the family, the Word of God we listen to on the audio player brings peace to our lives. God answered our prayers and performed a miracle in our life during this difficult time. We regularly listen to the Word of God and are growing in our spiritual life. We want to thank TWR for helping us to study the Word of God in our own language.”



Join us as we thank God for the distribution of media player kits to unreached people groups in India. We rejoice that listeners are coming to know the Lord because of the programmes heard in their heart languages. We pray that in the year to come, even more people will come to know Jesus through the work of TWR around the world.