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24 November 2020

This week we want to introduce you to Muhammad. He lives in the southern part of Morocco.  Muhammad went through the motions of becoming an imam — he studied the Qur’an and was mentored by another imam. It didn’t feel right, though. Something was missing. He didn’t feel at peace as he studied. He asked questions of his mentor, but received no answers and felt far from God. One evening he prayed, asking God for the truth.

That night he dreamed Jesus came to him saying, “Muhammad, I am the truth you are seeking.” He woke up and dedicated his life to Jesus.

While there have been many challenges — rejection from his family and attacks on his life — Muhammad has remained faithful and looked for ways to grow in his faith.

He began going through Progressing Together, the discipleship curriculum developed by PALM (Preparing Arab-world Leaders for Ministry). For more than 40 years, thousands of people in North Africa and the Middle East have been discipled by the PALM team. The curriculum was created by believers who come from a Muslim background and more recently TWR Motion have been creating videos to enhance the PALM programme.

Muhammad is now a pastor and is continuing into the next level of Progressing Together training. He’s growing in his understanding of God and proclaiming God’s goodness to others. In fact, his wife and two sons also put their faith in Christ.

“I think that’s just a tremendous testimony of the power of the gospel,” said Eric, director of PALM.

It’s exciting to think of the opportunity to disciple more people like Muhammad. This curriculum with the added video component will disciple a new generation of believers in the Arab world — where there is no historic church. People living in this context need resources like Progressing Together to enable them to live out their faith despite persecution and rejection from family and friends.

Join us as we pray for the work of PALM and the new video content created by TWR Motion. We thank God for Muhammad’s testimony and pray that others like him will come to know Jesus.