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2 June 2020

Sri Lanka is home to 22 million people and is an island of many cultures, languages and ethnicities. Three ethnic groups—Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim—make up more than 99 per cent of the country’s population. 72 per cent of Sri Lankans call themselves Buddhist, and only 7 per cent identify as Christians. The majority of Sri Lankans live in rural areas, so radio is a powerful and effective way to reach this nation with the good news of Jesus.

Since 2014, a weekly radio programme called God’s Unique Book has been proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to the majority Sinhala Buddhist community in Sri LankaThe TWR team in Sri Lanka create original programming written for a Buddhist audience that covers topics such as salvation, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, who God is, what the Bible is, the authority of the Bible and family issues.

Listener testimonies reveal that God’s Unique Book is an effective tool for evangelism. Sri Lankans of different faith backgrounds are sharing with us that they are curious about Jesus and enjoy listening to the programme:


“My husband and I have been listening to this programme for about three months. We come from a different faith, but we find it very interesting to listen to your programmes.”

“I am a Buddhist and I get to learn about Jesus Christ from your programme. Your programme is easy to understand, and I learn many things.”

“I am of a different faith, and recently I started listening to this programme; it is wonderful. Through these programmes I am blessed, and I like it a lot.”

“I heard this programme recently and it is very nice. I am a Buddhist. I want to know more about Jesus Christ because after I listened to your programme, I feel much peace and freedom in my mind.”

“I am a Buddhist. I have been learning Buddhism since my childhood and I decided to become a Buddhist nun. I also considered becoming a Roman Catholic sister. But I got frustrated and disappointed by religions. There are 330 million gods in this world but none of them could save me from my frustrations and troubles. The gods I followed couldn’t help me at all. I wrestled with this for a long time until I heard your programme. I found the answer I was looking for through your programme. Only Jesus Christ was able to save me from what I am going through. I give thanks to God and your programme and thank him also for your ministry.”


In addition to reaching non-believers, God’s Unique Book also helps Christians grow in their knowledge of the Bible. We receive calls from listeners sharing that they tune in to our programme faithfully and often listen with their families or friends.


“For three years, I have been listening to this programme. It’s really wonderful.”

“I listen to this programme frequently and it’s nice. I have learned a great deal from the Bible.”

“I listen to this programme daily. It is very useful for my spiritual life.”

“I have been listening to this programme with my family for a long time. The episodes are fantastic. Thank you.”


Join us as we thank God for these faithful listeners, and all those the programme has reached. We ask for God’s blessing on the TWR Sri Lanka team as they minister to people of other faiths, encourage new believers, and bless their communities.