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25 May 2021

This week we’d love to share some good news all the way from Nepal.

Nepal is a diverse nation of over 125 ethnic groups, with many different languages spoken and religions practised. We are pleased to announce that the TWR team in Nepal have launched a new programme for Maithili speakers, in addition to our Bhojpuri radio programme. These two programmes are on the air on five FM stations!

Both programmes are already receiving lots of positive feedback from listeners sharing their testimonies via phone, SMS and social media. By November last year, 16 people had already given their lives to Christ, 25 listeners had connected to local fellowships, 71 listeners had requested Bibles, and 278 had called for follow-up materials.

Staff at TWR Nepal shared the following stories and testimonies with us…

“A lady fell down and got a severe fracture in her hand. She is not a believer, but she knows about the Christian programme. She called the Bhojpuri programme producer’s wife to ask her for prayer. She now listens to the Bhojpuri programme in her heart language regularly. We continue to follow up with her often.”

“I have children and grandchildren. I used to have plenty of farmland and a nice home, too. I heard the Gospel in 2016 but I did not recognise Christ as my Saviour. I was anxious after returning home and I couldn’t sleep well. I went to church and began to learn more about the Lord, and I gave my life to Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour. I quit all my conventional habits. Members of my family and friends came to know about this and they began to badly persecute me, and I left my house because of that. I was provided with food and shelter by another Christian. I came to know about the Bhojpuri programme broadcast in my village and began to listen to it on a regular basis. I am blessed by the programme. Thank you!”

“Most of the time my family is busy with work. We are poor, and we work for very low wages on other farmlands. We also rent a small piece of land and work hard to produce a small number of crops. Sustaining a big family is hard. All our neighbours in the village love to listen to the radio programmes, as they are broadcast in our language, Maithili. I have no understanding of Jesus, but I am willing to learn. Thank you.”

The following is a story from a Maithili programme listener, “These men are poor farmers whose lives are full of difficulties. They are neighbours and new listeners of the Maithili programme. They are so happy and thankful that the Stories of Jesus Christ programme is broadcasting from their local FM station. They are not believers, but they are curious and willing to hear the truth. Please pray for the Maithili-speaking people group. We are receiving phone calls with invitations to visit their villages and homes. We are planning to travel to their community and begin our field ministry over there.”

In February, the team in Nepal were able to visit some of these listeners. Praise God that the ten-day field visit went well. They were able to visit and meet around 500 people and distribute 370 Bibles and radios. Twenty-nine new radio home groups were also formed on this trip. Such amazing news!

Join us as we pray for the two programmes, that the number of listeners would grow and new communities of people seeking Jesus would be formed. Please also pray that all who received a Bible and radio would allow the Word of God to transform their hearts and make a difference in their lives.