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An oasis in the midst of sand dunes


15 January 2019

Millions of people in West Africa live without hope and have never heard of the living water promised by our Lord Jesus. It calls to mind the wanderings of Israel in the desert: a dry, thirsty and a barren land, where God in His faithfulness kept them fed and watered, and eventually led them out of the desert and into an inhabited city, a place of blessing with food and water.

The Power of Radio to Change Lives

How can the millions in West Africa hear about the living water that Jesus offers? What better way than to use radio to reach inaccessible places? TWR has initiated an exciting plan to install a second powerful transmitter in West Africa. This will make it possible to add more content and extend the reach across barriers of darkness, fear and hopelessness, while engaging people of West Africa with breakthrough radio programmes that bring hope and the Gospel of peace. Therefore, the Oasis Transmitter Project, as it is called, aims to install a 200-Kilowatt Transmitter at the TWR West Africa Transmitter Station along with a suitable antenna system to cover Nigeria, including the north east ‘corner’ which is not reached presently.

Action Plan

The project has involved a lot of planning, designing and has made use of local staff and volunteer work teams. The installation process, including the construction of two towers has begun, which includes the shipping of the transmitter and the antenna system. Electrical generators are being sourced which will enable the station to generate its own power. This is the first time that TWR has two medium wave transmitters using one antenna system.

Future Growth

There is an urgent need to develop and air more programmes to strengthen the church in Nigeria. TWR, by the grace of God, aims to mobilise local radio stations and local churches to air and support its programmes. With active partnership between TWR and local ministries or ministers with sound Biblical teachings, more Biblical content will be produced in the heart languages of the indigenous population.

Prayer Points

  • Please pray for the expansion plans: that the installation will go smoothly, and for the technical team involved.
  • Please pray for those who will hear the Gospel for the very first time: that God will make wells of living water spring up in the hearts of the people of West Africa.
  • Please pray for the expansion plans for Nigeria: that more content in more languages will quickly become available, and that new ministry partnerships will be quickly established and bear fruit.