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Loved and Valued

6 October 2022

TWR’s global ministry to women, TWR Women of Hope, comes alongside women to show them that in Christ they are loved and valued.

Through our partnership with TWR Women of Hope, we are sharing the hope and healing found in Jesus, through radio broadcasts, media player distributions, follow-up and prayer groups. The global ministry of TWR Women of Hope reaches women around the world at different ages and stages of life, facing a variety of circumstances and challenges.

A woman in Turkey recently shared, “I was a good student and wanted to continue with my education, but my family forced me to marry when I was 13 years old. My new husband was rich, and my family needed money, so they sold me like a toy to him. I was still playing with dolls when I became his wife. I suffered a lot during these years. Now I’m 48 years old, and the first time I felt love was when I met Christ through your programmes. To be a child of God and rest in his arms is something I never thought possible. I know the things that happened to me can’t be undone but Christ gave me a new life where I have hope. I’m not always crying now; I feel joy through the Spirit in my heart. Thank you for praying for me.”

As this woman discovers how much she is loved by God, another woman in Nepal has found a reason to live: “I have suffered from great anxiety because my family lives in poverty. At times, it became too much to handle, and I considered taking my own life. My mother is a believer, and she invited me to listen to the Women of Hope radio programme and share my struggles with the Lord. Your programme shared the truth of Jesus Christ with me, and that gave me reason to live!”

Meanwhile, a Filipino woman has found comfort in God’s sovereignty and community: “I poured out all my heartaches and questions to God our Father. Then he helped me realize that all the things that are happening will not happen without his permission. After I shared this with our Father, he sent me people to help me. You are one of them.”

And in Tanzania, a woman is rediscovering her hope: “Last year, I lost my only child, and was heartbroken. I stopped going to church because I felt God had forsaken me. But through your prayers and teachings I am now a believer. Recently, as I have listened to your programmes, I find myself starting to believe there is hope and that someday God will restore my happiness.”

Praise God for all he is doing in the lives of women through TWR Women of Hope! Thank you for your financial and prayer partnership, as we share hope and healing in Jesus to women of the world.