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Maturing Seeds of Faith

6 April 2023

Our Persian Ministry has adapted to meet the needs of Persian speakers, including through in-person conferences. Read more to see how conferences are planting and maturing seeds of faith.

While our Persian ministry began on the radio our methods of sharing the hope of Christ with the Persian-speaking world have adapted over time. Several years after we began broadcasting on the radio, we realised this approach wasn’t enough.

People not only need to hear the Gospel but also be discipled, so we began hosting conferences where believers can ask questions and connect with other believers. Conferences allow believers to gather safely and grow in their faith. Additionally, attendees are given SD cards filled with biblical content so they can meditate on God’s teachings further and share the hope of the Gospel with family, friends and neighbours.

We see the ways in which seeds of curiosity are planted, but growth in faith comes over time and in different ways.

The story of a young woman who attended a conference several years ago demonstrates how seeds are planted, but maturation can take time. This woman arrived as a Muslim and respectfully listened to the teachings. The teachings touched her heart, but she struggled to make sense of the fact that both Jesus and God were God. When she returned home, she called one of our team and told him that she wasn’t ready to believe, because it didn’t make sense that both Jesus and God were God. Instead, she dug deeper into her Islamic faith.

Recently this woman called again and shared that she now believes that Jesus is the only God and this has been proven to her! Firstly God spoke to her through the teacher at the conference, but that wasn’t all! In recent months God spoke to her through her dreams and confirmed Jesus’ identity as God to her.

While radio has and continues to effectively transmit the good news of the Gospel, it’s the engagement through conferences and personal follow-up that further cements the beautiful relationship God wants to have with each one of us. The story of this woman demonstrates how God continues to mature seeds of faith over time. We may not always see the ways He is at work but He is!

Our Persian ministry also extends beyond radio and conferences, to social media and personal follow-up.

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