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11 February 2022

Amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in a politically restless country, TWR Mozambique (RTM Moçambique) ceaselessly endeavours to walk alongside locals in many areas of life, while broadcasting the Good News throughout the nation.

Due to lockdowns since March 2020, the country experienced a contraction in GDP. Up to one million Mozambicans fell below the poverty line in 2020 alone, as service activities, as well as the hospitality and tourism industries, have plummeted financially.

As Mozambique struggles to combat the pandemic and revitalise its economy, TWR highlights a vital element that people still need: an accurate and truthful understanding of Jesus.

The biggest need of the [Mozambican] people is healthy discipleship. Mozambique is being invaded by new ‘churches’ or sects with erroneous and corrupt teachings,” said Maria Taibo, TWR Mozambique Programme Manager. “We need a stronger ministry geared towards adolescents and young people. These ministries and churches are more centred around their leaders or artefacts. Here, one loses or progressively removes the person of Jesus. People are not taught to love God, but instead to pursue God’s blessings, and His favour,” she said.

Because of this, TWR aims to establish a relationship with listeners in order to guide them away from false teachings and towards an understanding of what the Gospel really is.

Our mission is to produce programmes while looking to be as present as possible in the lives of our listeners through meetings and events,” Maria said.

TWR partners with organisations such as the Biblical and Theological Institute of Maputo and the Centre of Leadership Development to produce programmes centred around theological and Biblical teaching. Listeners are encouraged to participate and call in to the show.

We also have a partnership with the Family and Adolescent Future Association  — an association of Christian psychologists. Together we produce and present programmes, and give families psychological help.” Maria added.

We offer legal assistance for our listeners as well, through the Association of Christian Lawyers,” she continued, “There is much injustice. A lot of corruption in terms of access to court.”

TWR’s ministry has reaped abundant fruit over the years, as the programmes geared toward theological training have helped develop many church leaders and pastors.

TWR impact is positive,” Maria said. “When we had programmes in other languages (Shangana, Xitswa, Ndau, Lomwe, Chuabo, Kimwane), TWR was practically the training channel for leaders in rural and semi-rural areas throughout the country. Through TWR various churches were planted. Our best and biggest responses come from the Thru the Bible programme.”

However, despite encouraging results and fruitful effects of the ministry surfacing, TWR Mozambique still requires prayer for various ministerial and logistical needs.

Maria said. “Pray that we may air new programmes, for children, teenagers, men, and discipleship. Pray that we may expand our FM reach. We need to have a presence on the internet and we need technological and technical upgrades. We need more human resource staff, committed to the Lord.”


Join us as we pray for the TWR ministry in Mozambique. Pray that God will provide resources to be able to create new programmes to reach the needs of Mozambican people. Pray the ministry will continue to reap abundant fruit