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11 August 2020

Women in many parts of the world are marginalised every day, experiencing high levels of poverty, illiteracy and health crises. TWR Women of Hope introduces women to the hope found in Jesus and equips them to discover how that hope can transform their lives.

TWR teams across the world continually receive stories from women who are growing in their faith as a result of the Women of Hope programmes in their heart languages. Today we want to share a few of these testimonies with you.


“By God’s grace, I have the opportunity to listen to biblical lessons from God’s Word and to grow spiritually. Thank you. I also have the opportunity to pray and am thankful especially to the teachers who have prayed for us. I thank TWR Women of Hope for guiding me and showing me how to teach my family with God’s Word. All my family listen to the TWR radio programmes, including Women of Hope. Because I can’t write, my son listens to the radio programmes and writes on my behalf. Because of the TWR radio programmes, he would like to attend Bible school and serve God.” – a listener in Myanmar


“I regularly listen to the programme Women of Hope. But this is the first time I’ve called you to encourage you and to say thank you for this beautiful programme that is made by women and for women. The themes you address are very interesting. I also like the section “lessons for your soul” which strengthens me in faith.” – a listener in Cote d’Ivoire


“I have studied the Quran 10 times, and all my brothers are imams. I am more educated than most women and know the Quran very well but didn’t see salvation in the Quran. When I converted to Christianity, it was like everyone was at war with me. When I was very discouraged, the Women of Hope programme was my comfort.” – a listener in Mali


“Because of this programme, I understand more about many diseases. I know the causes and how to handle them. But the most important part of the programme is the devotions. I am blessed with the Word of God and it brings me closer to my God. My faith grows and I can face any problems that God allows me to face. Although I must face illness and family problems, my faith remains strong and firm.” – a listener in Indonesia


What an encouragement it is to hear how our ministry to women is impacting hearts all over the world!

Join us as we pray for all listeners of Women of Hope: that they will continue to be inspired by these programmes and grow in their faith. We also ask God to bless and sustain the teams who create the Women of Hoperesources.