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13 April 2021

As with so many parts of the world, Cuba has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and has experienced severe lockdowns and restrictions. For a short time starting in mid-October, the country began to open up again from the COVID-19 lockdown. Public transportation and the postal service resumed, allowing the TWR team in Cuba (called RTM) to begin receiving listener letters again. Then, as with so many parts of the world, the situation worsened and many restrictions returned. During this time, the team used Facebook to publish materials, videos and links to Cuban radio programmes through TWR360. The Facebook page was relaunched on 19th October last year and since then, has reached over 4,000 people.

While the mail service was re-opened, staff at RTM Cuba decided to print and send an information page to over 2000 Cuban listeners in their directory. This information sheet shared the scope of the ministry and invited them to follow the Facebook page and use TWR360.

Here’s a response from a listener of the programme Our Home, which has been broadcast from the Bonaire station since October 2019:

“You can’t imagine what the new Our Home programme on biblical advice has meant to our family. Since I began listening, I have started to ask my family for forgiveness. I gathered my relatives and apologized to them and received much understanding from them. Because I am the only Christian in our household, we had many disagreements. Instead of preaching the gospel to my relatives, I would fight with them. Now I am much more understanding and patient, which has given the opportunity for my husband and one of our children to come to church with me. And the best thing is that now everyone is interested in listening to Our Home! When for some reason we can’t hear it or the signal is bad, they are sad to have missed it. Our family has changed a lot because of this programme. God bless such a beautiful ministry!”

Another listener wrote: “After caring for my sick mother for many years, God called her to his presence. I was devastated and upset with God because she was gone. At the time of my mother’s death, my husband left me. I had been told about RTM but I had never listened to the programmes. I knew that many people in my village listened to it, so one night I tuned into the station. You were talking about depression on Our Home. I have not stopped listening ever since. Thank You!”

Join us as we praise God for the programme Our Home and the way it is bringing healing and comfort to listeners. Please pray for the RTM team that they would be inspired as they produce and broadcast new content. Also pray for protection, that the pandemic wouldn’t stop them from carrying out God’s work.