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26 November 2021

The pandemic affected us all and influenced everything from our work, to our leisure time and even our relationships. This week we hear how our teams in Central Asia overcame obstacles to sharing the Gospel, during the lockdowns…

Our brother in Central Asia shared with us recently, “We are staying home and working from our places, because [our country] is in quarantine again. After the end of the first stage of the quarantine, people started to come back to a normal lifestyle, but the situation with the coronavirus didn’t stop there and the number of infected people was increasing. So, we are going to the second stage of quarantine.”

The team in Central Asia have two mobile studios which have allowed them to record programmes in their homes. In addition to the programmes that had been recorded before the quarantine was enforced, they have been able to record five new The Word Today-Russian programmes in their mobile studio. All of the programmes are being broadcast without interruption!

The Women of Hope programmes also had to find creative ways to overcome quarantine restrictions. Due to restrictions, they had to find a temporary replacement for the announcer since she was unable to travel to the studio. The coordinator found an alternative by inviting Christian neighbours to do the recordings during the lockdown. The husband and wife team were able to record programmes from their home and after the restrictions are lifted, the official speaker will resume her role.

Almost all churches have moved their services online via Zoom or social media. Unfortunately, many people have been unable to participate in online meetings and this is affecting the local church. Our Central Asia team started sharing their recorded programmes on social media apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. People have been listening to these programmes and even sharing them with other people. One member of our team said, “our programmes are helping [local people] in their spiritual life. Even in a hard situation like this, God makes His miracles, and we can see His work…Praise the Lord!

In the young church in Central Asia, prayer plays a vital role. When they plan a prayer night, it really lasts all night! However, they also experience hostility, limitations, and persecution because they tell others about Jesus. What empowers them is their fellowship with Jesus and with each other. As anywhere during the coronavirus pandemic, prayer meetings were also restricted in Central Asia, but individually we can still pray for a common cause. One brother shared that because they are in quarantine, they “meet with our family more often to pray together. We thank God for His guidance and pray for all of you.

Join us as we thank God that we are able to broadcast radio programmes through local transmitters in Central Asia. This is important work and such a blessing for many people. Please pray that this ministry can continue and that the Lord will keep this door open. Pray for all people in Central Asia, that they would hear our programmes and come to know the Lord.