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people digging for survivors


16 April 2019


TWR Africa and its partners are developing a plan of action to aid the recovery of Mozambique following Cyclone Idai.

The hurricane-force storm hit Mozambique near the city of Beira on 14th March, killing at least 750 people in four countries. Ninety percent of Beira was damaged or destroyed, and 139 cases of cholera had been confirmed at the end of March.

In addition to the massive loss of life and destruction of property the breakdown in communications seriously complicates recovery efforts for people inside and outside the affected areas. TWR Africa staff members say getting information from the affected areas is difficult.

After numerous attempts, Sphiwe Nxumalo-Ngwenya, TWR ministry director for southern and eastern Africa, managed to reach a pastor who is one of her contacts living in Mozambique. The pastor, who lives outside the hardest-hit area, said he and others in his community are desperately seeking ways to bring home their children, who are university students in Beira. Roads are impassable, communication is difficult, and their young loved ones don’t have the food, clothes and shelter they need.

TWR is working towards a long term strategy. As an organisation broadcasting to many countries across the world where disasters like this are common, TWR often provides disaster relief radio, offering practical advice like locations of clean water and aid, as well as Gospel teaching to bring peace and hope to listeners.

In the meantime, RTM Mozambique (TWR in the local language of Portuguese) has been calling on churches to mobilise to help survivors of the storm with donations and humanitarian supplies.

“Pray for wisdom as we work on a post-cyclone intervention,” Nxumalo-Ngwenya said, “especially as we attempt to bring healing and hope in the spiritual lives of survivors, which we trust will overflow into the social life of the areas.”

Pray for the people of southeast Africa

As you the Lord leads you to respond to Nxumalo-Ngwenya’s request, please also take a minute to pray for the following needs.

  • Pray that survivors are able to make their way to aid centres and get help.
  • Pray for adequate relief supplies to be provided and transported to the hard-hit areas and distributed to those who most need help. Remember also the well-being of the many relief workers.
  • Pray for the prevention of an outbreak of cholera or other diseases.
  • Pray that the gospel programmes broadcast by TWR through the generosity of its supporters will bless the lives of survivors and millions of others across Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Madagascar, bringing hope and encouragement in the wake of this disaster.


Photo: Diggers in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe, try to locate a missing family member amid the wreckage left by deadly Cyclone Idai.