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15 December 2020

Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous in the world, is home to 182 million people speaking 21 major languages. This West African nation’s northern population is predominantly Muslim and practises a very strict form of Islam. It is also the development ground for the Boko Haram and other groups that pose a great threat to Nigeria and to the rest of West and Central Africa. We have a great opportunity to speak hope into this country with the message of God’s love.

Earlier this year, after multiple years of fundraising and building, the Oasis  transmitter began carrying gospel broadcasts in multiple local languages that reach all of Nigeria and surrounding areas.

Today we want to share with you some responses the team in Nigeria have received since the launch. 

This was the first response TWR received from a Nigerian who began listening to a programme broadcast from the Oasis Transmitter once it went live:“We appreciate you. Just calling to let you know that we listen to you every morning and we hear you. Thank you very much and God bless you.”


Since then we have continued to receive responses to the programming:

“I listen to your broadcasts, even this morning. I have been looking for good Christian radio, preaching the truth of the Word of God. I am a gospel musician.”


“I am calling to thank you all for the great work you are doing, bringing the Word of God to us. I am one of the listeners every morning. May God bless and strengthen you for your great work.”


“I listen to your broadcasts every morning. I am very grateful; it is indeed a blessing. Please put me in your prayers. I am 86 years old and very sick. I need your prayers.”


“I like the messages because they present the message of God and not the doctrines of the churches. Christ saves, not churches.”


We are excited to share with you how the Oasis transmitter is providing hope and good news to listeners in West Africa. After an initial period operating at reduced power, the team has been able to push the Oasis Transmitter to 100kW and broadcast at this power level. We praise God for the engineers and technicians who have put in a strong effort to make this happen.


Join us as we thank God for TWR’s transmitter site in West Africa which is ideally located to be a beacon of hope to millions of people who are in spiritual darkness. We  pray that the people of Nigeria will continue to be blessed by the Oasis project.