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29 December 2020

Hope for Sudan is a new compilation of radio and digital media programmes designed by the Arabic Ministries Department of TWR to reach the people of Sudan by sharing the peace and hope of the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

These are timely messages for the Sudanese people as they have been facing numerous challenges this year, such as political protests and massive floods. Sudan is the third-largest country on the African continent with a population of over 45 million people. Most people groups in the country speak Arabic and the Arabic culture predominates. A great majority of the population adheres to the Sunni Muslim faith, and there are strict societal norms based upon Islamic law. This makes it difficult for the few indigenous Christian believers as well as local seekers to live out their faith.

Due to the general Arabic language being widely understood, TWR is broadcasting a selection of programmes in Arabic that connect well with the listening audience. However, the team is also building up content that is available in the local Arabic-Sudanese dialect as well. The content includes devotions with an emphasis on God’s love as well as sharing spiritual hope and comfort through Scripture and prayer. The programmes also provide practical, helpful information to the intended audience based on their physical and emotional needs.


The broadcasts began airing on October 26th, 2020, via shortwave from an Africa-based transmitter site, as well as online. 

The director for TWR’s Arabic Ministries Dept. shares, “We rejoice for this new ministry opportunity and we pray that it would be a blessing to many, and it would bring lasting fruit to the kingdom of God.”

Join us as we pray for TWR’s ministry to Sudan. We ask that God would bless all those who hear these programmes and that many would come to know Jesus as their saviour.