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17 September 2021

Radio broadcasts are at the core of who we are. It is where our ministry started and it’s still one of the most effective ways to reach people with the Gospel. In North Macedonia, we air a weekly one-hour program called The Voice of Truth that ministers to the overlooked and stigmatized Roma people of Prilep — 98 per cent of whom are from a Muslim background.

Marija is a woman who works as a cleaner in the post office in Prilep. She has been a Christian for 13 years and regularly listens to our radio programme. When a state of emergency and lockdown was declared in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 virus, she prayed that God would give her wisdom.

God blessed her with extraordinary peace and joy. All her colleagues at her work were amazed by her calmness and the smile she always had. While everyone lived in fear, Marija continued to sing and smile as she did her job. Information from all sorts of media sources left her confused, but she prayed and read the Bible. People asked her how she was so calm and she used those questions to testify to them about Christ. Marija thanked the team in North Macedonia for providing programmes in Romani so she could listen. Praise God for the amazing faith of Marija!

As with Europe, TWR also has a radio ministry in Afghanistan. In this region, a host of programmes are broadcast, ranging from answering listener questions to evangelism to praise and worship and Bible teaching. One of our partner ministries produces content and provides phone and social media follow-up with hundreds of contacts every month.

Here are a few listener responses to the programmes: “Thank you for calling me! It is such a blessing to talk with other followers of Jesus. I listen to the Sound of Life radio programme, and I have learned so much. I have memorised the passage where Jesus said, ‘Do not worry about tomorrow,’ so I realise that God knows my tomorrow, and I choose to trust him. Please keep me in your prayers.”

“Thank you for reading to me from God’s Word. I love Jesus and his teachings; he is so gentle and kind. Yes, I am ready to accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.” Staff led her in prayer to accept Jesus, and they meet with her each week to study the Bible over a secure phone connection.

It is so encouraging to hear and be able to share testimonies from our radio ministry around the world.

Join us as we pray for our radio broadcasts around the world, speaking hope to people in their heart language. Pray for those living in countries where finding Christian resources is difficult, that they would hear our broadcasts and be inspired.