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30 March 2021

TWR Motion has launched in a new language! The animated series of Bible stories can now be accessed in Modern Standard Arabic. This is an important language as it’s the sixth most-spoken language in the world.

Our church planting partner, Yohanna*, and his team believe the series in Modern Standard Arabic will enhance their disciple-making efforts.

The team are working alongside immigrants in Western Europe—many of which come from North Africa. In their culture, sharing the gospel is often prohibited and at times, there is hostile opposition. This makes it challenging to share Jesus with those who seek to know him.

Media makes a way.

Yohanna grew up in a Muslim family in North Africa. Growing up, before he became a follower of Christ, he heard stories of people who came to know Jesus after hearing a message over the radio.

Media continues to play a role. Huge numbers of people are coming to know Christ, whether through satellite TV, YouTube or Facebook.

“Through media, you can reach every and any area, every house and every person, no matter what age they are,” Yohanna said.

We’re also experiencing the power of media as it keeps us connected during the pandemic. But Yohanna warns not to think of media as an “alternative.”

“It is not just an alternative or something we are forced to use temporarily until life goes back to normal, not at all,” he said. “Media ministry is the key that God is giving us to reach out to the masses, young and old, with the hope of changing hearts and communities. Using media doesn’t just give us access to people in our vicinity, but through it, we can even reach the remote areas!”

That’s why his team are using media as part of their church planting efforts. And they believe God will use the Modern Standard Arabic version of the animated Bible series to touch people lives.

“We are so thankful for TWR MOTION and to all those standing behind them, whether in prayers or financially giving toward their work of empowering people like us, by providing media resources that meet the needs of our target people groups,” he said. “Thank you!”


Join us as we pray for Yohanna and his team as they reach this community. Pray for the ongoing impact of the animated Bible series in Modern Standard Arabic.

*Names have been changed to protect identity.