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Reaching Quebec with Christian Television

25 January 2024

Our partner, Aujourd’hui l’Espoir, continues to speak hope into the hearts of the people of Quebec. Learn more about how we use television, radio and the internet to reach unreached people across Quebec!


We might think Christians in Canada are at an advantage because there are ample churches (roughly 30,000 across the country) and accessible Christian resources and programming. According to Statistics Canada, in 2021 over 19.3 million people reported that they identified as Christian, representing just over half of the Canadian population.


However, the situation is different in the province of Quebec. Did you know that the Quebecois are the largest unreached people group in all of the Americas? Here, evangelical Christians make up less than 1% of the population. This is why we have partnered with Aujourd’hui l’Espoir for over 20 years to speak hope to the hearts of the people of Quebec in need of the Gospel.


Read on to learn more about the ministry in Quebec and how, through the television series La Parole Vivante, a woman is growing in faith and wants to share the Gospel with her children and grandchildren!


For all of us, we view life and faith through our cultural backgrounds and cumulative experiences. Thus, it’s essential to first understand the cultural group, their history, as well as their unique personal stories, to explain the Gospel message so people to see meaning in light of their background, experiences and culture.


Given the history of the church in Quebec, many have a complicated and frayed relationship with who they understand God to be and the role of the Church in their lives. Many are hesitant to attend church, though through our ministry in partnership with Aujourd’hui l’Espoir, it is evident that people are thirsty, curious and seeking connection. People are often willing to seek out God’s Word in the privacy of their homes through means such as radio, online and, most prominently, television.


And when these listeners and viewers have questions, Auojourd’hui l’Espoir provides an opportunity for them to call the toll-free Hope Line and speak with a volunteer. When Hope Line volunteers answer the phone, it requires discernment. Sometimes, the caller’s need in the moment is simply to feel heard, whereas other times the need is to receive an answer to a question or receive more information in the form of additional resources. As much as possible, Hope Line volunteers connect callers to a church in their community. 


Recently, a woman who we’ll call Camille called the Hope Line after watching La Parole Vivante. Camille shared that she reads the Bible and prays frequently. She enjoys watching the television show, as she finds it very informative. She thinks it’s “very beautiful” how the hosts talk about the Bible and she finds it comforting. Camille asked the volunteer for a copy of the book Destination Finale, and noted that after she reads it, she may call back to order copies for her children and grandchildren. The Hope Line volunteer who spoke with her noted, “This shows me that she cares that her family knows the Word of God and the good Lord!” 


This is just one example of how God is at work in Quebec! As he works in Camille’s life, the Spirit is prompting her to share the good news of Jesus Christ with her family.


Join us in praying for Camille and her family, and others like them across Quebec. Pray that they will become more receptive to the Gospel and grow in the faith.