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23 July 2021

TWR recently began broadcasting fresh programmes to the Farsi-speaking world for almost two hours each day. The new Farsi Ministry Director said, “We reach the unreached people with our programmes on the radio.” One of the new Farsi programmes is the Gospel of John, presenting the Bible stories in a dramatised form.

The three-year plan is to provide high-quality radio programmes that are relevant and engaging, train people to be ‘Destiny Makers’ who will bring about change in the country and engage in outreach and follow-up. The Farsi Ministry Director shared, “I am here because we want to bring radio programmes to Farsi speakers and also organise the follow-up with listeners. Our next step is to start Persian World Radio online and use social media to share the gospel.”

All Farsi-speaking programmes now have clear contact information for follow-up: a phone number, WhatsApp, email, and website information. A partnership with a local ministry provides a strong follow-up team that is on standby to respond securely to our radio listeners. We have received a response already:

“Hello, I was feeling so alone and everything was so meaningless for me. But in the programme, you talked about hope. It gave me courage again and hope. I know that we do not belong to this world and that I am not alone in this world. He’s going to strengthen me. But sometimes we forget this very easily, it’s good to have people who remind you of the truth. Thank you.”

Join us as we pray for the Farsi-speaking programmes, that the number of listeners would grow and people would be ready to receive the Gospel in their hearts. Pray for the development of the online ministry of Persian World Radio.