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12 January 2021

In Mali, the TWR Women of Hope coordinator for the Bambara language has become something of a celebrity, drawing crowds wherever she goes. Her name is Jeanne, and because she has become a recognisable voice for women across this predominantly Muslim country, she’s had many opportunities to speak at various events. The director of one radio station where Women of Hope programmes are aired gathered many of his collaborators, including some women and members of the church committee. The conversation naturally turned to the benefits of the programming that ministers to women across the country.

“This programme helps the church in our evangelism,”they shared,“to such an extent that one cannot measure.” Women of Hope in Bambara is broadcast in the morning, at a time when many Muslims would be at the mosque. But one listener told Jeanne, “I’d rather miss the prayer at the mosque than miss a single Women of Hope programme.”

The impact of the programme doesn’t begin or end with the radio director and his gathered team, or this woman who skips mosque to listen. People all over Mali want to hear from Jeanne.

At one event she was speaking at, one of the pastors shared what he had heard from a Women of Hope listener named Soumba:“Is there any other hope in this world than the god I worship? Curious, I continued to listen to the show faithfully. Finally, I understood that the real hope lies [not in my god but] in the God of the show Women of Hope.” Soumba called the pastor and gave her life to Jesus Christ. Sometime later, she gave a sheep as a token of appreciation to the pastor.

We praise God that Jeanne’s influence is being used as an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of women across the country of Mali. But it doesn’t end there, either.

There are women just like Jeanne who share the hope of Jesus Christ in countries all across the globe. These women are faithfully learning from the Word of God and eager to take what they have learned to share it with other women.

There are many more women like the Muslim woman who gave up her own religious customs to listen to the Women of Hope programme daily, or Soumba, who found the one true hope of the world and gave her life to Christ. These women are the reason that we at TWR cherish and invest in ministry to women. These women who are earnestly seeking for a glimpse of hope and good news and they are finding it on the radio.


Join with us as we pray for Jeanne, and other women around the world who share the hope of Jesus. We ask that they would be blessed in their ministry, and pray that the work of TWR would continue to cherish and invest in ministry to women across the globe.