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Regaining Dignity and Finding Hope

1 December 2022

This week we are transporting you to North Macedonia where Voice of Truth brings the hope of the gospel to the approximately 15,000 marginalized Roma people of Prilep. This is a population where 98 per cent of people come from a Muslim background. Through the years this programme has been on the air, we have seen the church grow. Now, the team on the ground reports that many of the youth who listen to Voice of Truth have begun to see themselves in the light of God’s Word. The programme presents a new outlook on life, different from the cultural Roma lifestyle, and brings hope and liberation in Jesus.


In his messages, Pastor Edijan often deals with topics that he knows will help the Roma population to become interested in Christianity in a culturally appropriate manner. These include topics that explain the message of salvation, but also topics that release the Roma people from the harmful generational patterns that they consider part of their identity. And like in many other regions of the world, Christian Romas face condemnation from others in their community, because of the decades of damaging history and generations of ingrained beliefs and attitudes.


Yet, the team notices that many of the young Roma people are good students who plan their futures much differently than their ancestors. While previous generations grappled with little access to education and a lack of integration into society, the younger Roma have access to technology which serves as an educational and communication tool. With Voice of Truth content now available digitally, more youth are learning how to regain their lost dignity and be a light to future generations, as well as to people who often look down on them because of their Roma identity.



To serve these younger Roma generations in North Macedonia, the Voice of Truth production team recently created  Facebook and  Instagram pages to promote the programme. Pastor Edijan has received dozens of calls in response to the social media pages from people looking for spiritual advice, information about programmes or worship services, or just to say thank you that this form of spiritual assistance has finally been started in North Macedonia. What an encouragement!


In the coming months, the ministry will promote Voice of Truth on YouTube, release an app containing programming in Macedonian and begin production of Thru the Bible. Praise God for using radio programmes, social media and apps to spread hope to the thirsty soil of North Macedonia!


The production team has asked for prayer. Will you join us in praying for them and the people of North Macedonia? Please pray for …


  • God’s blessing and protection over our team in North Macedonia.
  • Hearts to believe that God can do more than what we can pray for or even comprehend.
  • Further development of Voice of Truth and for fresh ideas on how to best use digital platforms and social networks for the promotion of the programme.