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Young woman in headscarf


9 April 2019

Turkey is home to a population of around 75 million, of whom around 97% are Muslim.


“I grew up in a small village until I was 18 years old. Our family were farmers and we had a little farm where we were working very hard. I helped my family after school every day at the farm. When I grew up and became 16 I fell in love with a young man, but my family didn’t allow me to marry him. They had already decided for me to marry a much older and richer man, and tried to force me into this arrangement. I was also told that he already had one wife and 3 children. For two years I fought against it, and I came to a point where I saw no way out and everything felt hopeless.

One day ultimately, I and the boy I loved decided to run away to Istanbul, and we have been living there since. I am aware that I will never be able to return to my family, but that was a price I was willing to pay. Times have been very challenging for us but we try to overcome them. Many times I felt trapped and hopeless but I am so glad that I came across your programmes for they have given me hope. I wanted to thank you for that. I listen to your programmes whenever my husband is away. He is a very good person but he’s a conservative Muslim. I want you to know that I have accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour in my heart. However I am not able to share this with him. Please pray for me and my family.”


As a direct neighbour to the Arab world, Turkey is a tremendously strategic nation in serving as the bridge between Europe and Asia. Currently this country is experiencing major changes politically and in their society. Especially during such crucial times, TWR seeks to reach the Turkish people by using mass media and broadcasting. For many it is the first time they hear the Gospel message shared by a Christian. Please join us in praying for the many believers who, like this young woman, follow the Lord in secret.