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A busy street in India


9 October 2018

Raahithya is a 32-year-old young man from India who is continually hungry to know more about God. Employed at a local bank, he is the only Christian in his family.

Two years ago, Raahithya came across a TWR India radio programme. This is his story:

“I really wanted to grow closer to God and learn the Bible more. However, my impaired eyesight often prevented me from going to church regularly, accessing fellowship, and studying the Word.

Pastors seemed to be too busy meet with someone like me. I even purposely, with joy, gave a few hundred rupees to anyone who came to share the Word of God with me so that they would visit again.

It was a blessed day when I happened upon a TWR radio programme while toying with my old transistor. It was difficult for me to find the same station again, so I searched online with the help of an app that assists visually challenged people like me.

I found a TWR website and it connected me to a plethora of resources. This was a gold mine in itself! I have become a regular listener ever since.

I listen to the programmes in Deccani, Marathi, Sindhi, and Hindi. Once, I even sold some shares so that I could invest in a good radio.
It is my heart’s desire to help people like me from the blind community to get better access to the Word of God and not to miss out on any spiritual growth.

God keeps bringing people into my life who bless me with transistors. I, in turn, give these away for free to visually impaired people so they can listen to TWR India radio programmes. Last month, I was able to distribute 16 radios.

I pray for these programmes to change their lives as they have mine!”

TWR learned of Raahithya’s story when he got in touch through a TWR website. Raahithya was looking for fixed-tuned radios, so that he could give them to visually impaired people. After learning about this young man’s story, local staff visited him and provided him with a media player full of TWR programmes. Raahithya is very happy to be in touch with local TWR staff.

Points for prayer:

  • India has a population of over 1.2 billion people, of whom less than 2.5% are evangelical Christians, and 88% of India’s 2533 people groups are unreached by the Gospel.
  • TWR has been broadcasting in India for over 25 years and receives on average 20,000 listener responses every month.
  • Please pray for the broadcasts, which are on AM radio, internet, TV and audio devices. Pray that God will continue to reach people in India and grow his church.
  • Please pray for listeners like Raahithya and for the team who interact with listeners. Please pray for grace and wisdom and Gospel power in their conversations.