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A woman in the Middle East looks out of a train window.


11 September 2018

Joud* is a Middle Eastern woman who invests her life into bringing the hope of Jesus to Arabic women. She is the producer, host, and regional coordinator for the Arabic ministry of TWR Women of Hope. Her voice counsels, encourages, and disciples women who take great risk to believe in Jesus.

“Ever since I accepted Jesus Christ in my life at an early age, I decided to follow Him and live for Him. Hope became my portion – the living and alive Hope!

The fact that Women of Hope is a radio programme dedicated for women is very special. In the Middle East, Arab women are marginalized, have no voice, and are not given their basic rights. Having a radio program that speaks to the heart and mind of Arab women and highlights their emotional, spiritual, physical, and social needs, makes Women of Hope special and important to our listeners. Arab women feel that they are not forgotten, that there is a voice who speaks up for them and who really cares for their various needs, and that there are women whom they can still trust with their issues and challenges.

As a producer and host, I have learned so many things throughout these past seven years. This journey has been like a school for my life, where God has opened my eyes to the needs of Arab women, to their broken hearts, to their hurting souls, to the beautiful women they are behind their veils, to the fact that they are longing to be seen and loved by someone.

There was a high need in the Arab world to speak hope to Arab women because women in our region, especially the non-Christians, are suppressed, looked down upon, and not treated equally as men on all levels. They are used as sexual objects and are considered less intellectual and less competent than men.

This oppression creates frustration and internal hatred in women’s hearts, which results in a low self-image, distorted understanding of a woman’s value in God’s eyes, and hopelessness that only God can heal and restore. With this in mind, TWR Women of Hope for the Arab world was born after many years of prayer and preparation to speak hope to these hopeless Arab women.

There is much insecurity in the Arab world: political, economic, social, and others. However, we believe that God has put us in this region for a purpose. We are a minority population, and only 4% of the Middle East and North Africa claims to be Christian. If Christians leave the Middle East, who will speak hope to the non-Christians? How will they know of Christ?! Despite the BIG challenges we face daily in our region, we rejoice that there’s a reason for our existence and presence here.

So, next time you hear about the Arab world or the Middle East, whether on the news or through social media, do not think of terrorists, the political conflicts, the continual and endless wars, the economic problems, the refugees crisis, or lack of freedom. Don’t think of the darkness that hovers over the region. Instead, think of how God is using TWR and Women of Hope in the Arab World to speak H – O – P – E!

H – Healing broken hearts

O – Overcoming challenges and difficulties

P – Penetrating silence and darkness

E – Equipping seekers and believers with God’s Word”


*Her name has been changed to protect her identity. You can read more about Joud and her ministry at the TWR Women of Hope website