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Darfurian Refugees in Eastern Chad.


19 June 2018

This week is the 20th annual Refugee Week. It starts and ends with two Refugee Sundays, and tomorrow (Wednesday 20 June 2018) is the UN’s World Refugee Day.

The numbers are astonishing: I in every 113 people worldwide have been forced to leave their homes because of war or persecution.

The numbers are one thing, their stories are another. You can read and watch the stories of refugees at the UNHCR’s website.


Many refugees have found themselves in Europe, and last year TWR teamed up with Love Europe to create a smartphone app which assists refugees in integrating into their new environment. The app provides assistance with shopping, making friends, finding the right agency, joining a language course and navigating around. The app is available in 14 different languages.

Alongside the practical help, TWR are providing the media aspect of the app. The media section contains refugee media in Arabic, Farsi, Dari and Tamil, including a new programme called New Country, New Home, which provides encouragement through the fictional story of “Khalid”, a Syrian refugee in Germany.


This Refugee Week, please take a moment to pray for all displaced people and particularly for the ministry of TWR to refugees in Europe and around the world.


You can find out more about the Love Europe App at this link.