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25 August 2020

Motion is TWR’s visual media ministry, creating custom gospel-centred videos on the topics of evangelism, discipleship, and training, to enhance the local mission of church planters and other ministries. Today we want to share with you a bit about what the TWR Motion team have been up to so far this year, despite coronavirus disruptions.

Share the Story is a project the team have been working on for the past few years. It’s a 20-video series of Bible stories created for a Muslim audience. This year it is being adapted it into nine languages, including English. The English version will initially be used with international students in the US.

With a focus on training, the team are also working with an organisation called Media to Movements. They use media to find spiritually seeking people and begin the discipleship process. TWR Motion are partnering with them to create training materials to educate church planters on how media can be used for the gospel, both explaining how this type of strategy works as well as how to implement the concepts in real world situations. Their approach has had to adapt slightly due to travel restrictions, but the team are excited to be progressing well on a script and concept.

In the area of discipleship, the team are working on an animated series to support a discipleship ministry within Pioneers called PALM (Preparing Arab-world Leaders for Ministry). Since the curriculum has been around for a while, Pioneers decided it was time for an update, including making it available online. The TWR Motion team will be creating animated videos to introduce each area of the curriculum, which covers a variety of topics from Christian ethics to forgiveness and reconciliation. Fortunately, most of this work is easy to continue amongst coronavirus restrictions, whether it’s from the dining room table at home or a desk at work. Kayla, the team’s illustrator, has been busy drawing and animating the pilot for the new series. Checkout this video to find out more about PALM and their partnership with TWR Motion.


Join with us as we pray for the work of TWR Motion. We thank God for these new partnerships and opportunities to share the gospel. We ask God to bless the team as they work and pray they would know the value of these projects, and see them bear great fruit.