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6 July 2021

Education is life-changing.

Adine’s* family, in Southeast Asia, recently experienced a blessing through the Women of Hope radio broadcasts in Indonesia. The Women of Hope programmes provide Scripture, biblical teaching and medical information to help people gain both spiritual knowledge and practical information to enrich their daily lives.

TWR’s national partner in Indonesia, known as YTWR, collaborates with local stations to broadcast Women of Hope and follow-up teams distribute mini audio devices containing the programme to local churches. Programming can be accessed by large groups like the congregation, small groups and individuals, all of whom take turns using the devices.

By listening to a programme on nutrition, Adine’s family learned new information which proved vital to the health of one of their grandchildren.

Their child was experiencing low appetite and had hardly been eating. Months went by with little improvement. Then the grandparents heard a discussion by doctors on the Women of Hope programme. They learned how to provide the little one with the right food to reverse the condition. Slowly the child’s appetite returned and Adine’s family praised God for it.

The mini audio devices are also sharing hope in other ways. After listening to the Women of Hope programmes, one woman began to pray regularly for her husband. Her prayers were answered when her husband recently quit drinking and smoking. Praise God!

Another listener, Mallika*, told the TWR response team that the programme not only had a deep spiritual impact on her life but also gave her a desire to learn to read so she could study the Word of God.

Join us as we thank God for the Women of Hope programme, which seeks to bring hope in Jesus to women around the world and across generations. We pray that the programme would continue to bless and encourage many women, enriching them both spiritually and practically.

* Names changed to protect her privacy.