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A woman carrying buckets on a pole


30 April 2019

Many women around the globe suffer from what some call ‘invisibility crisis’. They are there every day serving their families and communities, and yet, it seems like people do not see them. They feel like nobody cares for them or values their hard work, be it at home, workplace or their community. Forgotten, undervalued and invisible they struggle to get on with life. Latin American women are no exception to this rule.

Unfortunately, sexual abuse, incest, paedophilia, domestic violence, political and financial crisis continue to affect our women and their families. That is why TWR Women of Hope ministry has made the difference along the years. Daily, we bring these women before the throne of the Father asking the Lord to change their cultures and their plight. We also ask the Lord to touch their hearts, so they can experience hope and freedom that only Christ can give.

Our programmes offer practical information to help them better their lives here on Earth, but our main goal is to speak hope to their hearts letting them know that Jesus is the God who sees and loves them!

Good morning friends. I found your website and I thank God that there are women who want to help other women facing difficult times. Thank you for pointing us to Jesus. This is so beautiful. I was a victim of violence by my former partner. Now I live in Colombia- I am a psychologist. Because I suffered in the past I now want to help other women.” Colombian listener

Dear friends, it is such a blessing to listen to TWR daily.  I really like the Women of Hope programmes. Recently, you have talked about touchy topics and I praise God for that. My family and I experienced something we never expected: the loss of my beloved brother who committed suicide … It’s still very difficult to talk about it . Thanks for talking about topics like these. My desire is that your programme will continue to be a channel of blessing and transformation in people’s lives. A big hug to you”. Blessings. ” Brazilian listener

Thanks for praying for our women!

Susie Pek
TWR Women of Hope Latin America Regional Coordinator