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Transformation and Discipleship in Indonesia

30 May 2024

“The right word for this training is ‘amazing’.” This was one of the responses TWR received from a participant who recently attended one of TWR’s discipleship training seminars in Indonesia earlier this year. Over 200 participants went through the course and many lives were transformed.

Discipleship Essentials provides a proven method for discipleship that helps people around the world become followers of Jesus. Discipleship Essentials empowers communities to strengthen and expand the Church around the world by blending God’s transformative work with equipped leaders and a comprehensive library covering 130 topics

As the initiative aims to equip churches globally, TWR seeks opportunities to translate and utilise the material in regions with evident need. In pursuit of our mission to help everyone everywhere find and follow Jesus in a language they understand, we’re excited to share how leaders in Indonesia are being equipped with Discipleship Essentials to disciple those around them.

We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity the Lord provided for discipleship training in Jakarta and Makassar, Indonesia earlier this year. Over 200 enthusiastic participants attended a training seminar, joined by Tony Tira, DE partnership development director, and Elena Caperig, DE Southeast Asia regional consultant and partnership development coordinator. The participants were trained on discipleship, small groups and leadership development, with an emphasis on intentional multiplication and using strategic planning in ministry.

As you read the following heartfelt testimonies of these participants, be inspired by the profound impact the training had on individuals across Indonesia! Their stories not only testify to the effectiveness of Discipleship Essentials but also highlight a deep hunger for spiritual growth within their communities.

“Praise the name of God! I have been blessed by the learning I have received in these two days. Thank you for the blessings of God.”

“This training was very useful for me personally as a prospective young leader, who meets many groups of young people in the world of service. In this case, the training allowed me to participate in discipleship training. I learned that small groups can complement each other.”

“I was very blessed by this event. From this activity, I learned that everything must start small, as is the case with small group gatherings. This small group connects us with God and connects us with each other.”  

“The right word for this training is ‘amazing.’ This is what today’s churches need, as the Lord Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all nations. The Lord Jesus did not say to make everyone a Christian, but to make disciples of all nations.”

Praise God for transforming the lives of leaders in through on-the-ground training! As the translation and production of Discipleship Essentials materials in the Indonesian language continues, please pray for wisdom and discernment as we honour our calling to make disciples of all nations through transformative materials and training that grow the Church. If you’re inspired to read more stories of changed lives through Discipleship Essentials, you can find accounts of how listeners in West Africa cherish radio broadcasts of DE here!