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Transformed Minds in Sri Lanka

27 July 2023

For nearly a decade, God’s Unique Book has been teaching Sri Lankans the power of God’s Word. Read more about how the programme deepens listeners’ understanding of Christianity and the endless stream of richness that the Spirit pours out as he renews their minds.

In God’s Word, we hear and read about having our minds transformed. But what does this mean and what does that transformation look like? Romans 12:2 says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect” (ESV). Through tests and hardships, our minds are strengthened as we experience the Holy Spirit moving us to discover and discern God’s will for our lives. This experience is unique for each of us, as God’s will holds different purposes for each of his people. The Lord writes stories through us, as He did and continues to do through his Word, and as you’ll see through the lives of Sri Lanka listeners who testify to how God’s Unique Book has renewed their minds and transformed their lives.

For nearly a decade, God’s Unique Book has been teaching Sri Lankans the power of God’s Word. Through impactful biblical messages and radio dramas, this programme deepens listeners’ understanding of Christianity and the endless stream of richness that the Spirit pours out as He renews their minds. Listeners appreciate how God speaks to their hearts and they are eager to grow in faith. With programmes that focus on topics such as marriage, creationism versus evolution, and the resurrection of Jesus, Sri Lankans are transformed from disheartenment into God’s unshakeable and paramount love.

One visually impaired listener experiences this transformation through understanding God’s vast hope and how important that is for young people: “I am Buddhist. I have been listening to this programme for several months. The speciality of this programme is its presentation style, which I really enjoy listening to. I am visually impaired so it is easy for people like me to understand such programmes. The programme contained a deep message. This is very important for us as young people. Thank you for creating such a programme.”

God moved another listener from challenges with their former way of thinking into the pure solace found in God’s love: “I am Buddhist. I heard this programme for the first time by accident. The programme was good. It touched my heart. My sadness and pain seemed to disappear. I am facing many problems in life and my religion is not helping me. I found solace in this programme during a difficult time.”

Other listeners share that the topics are helpful for their professional lives. Those who are teachers share that the programmes can also be used to develop their students’ lives. Youth who listen to the programme comment on the importance of having a good attitude towards elders and appreciate that the messages are explained in a way that helps them develop these attitudes.

Despite periodic power cuts due to economic and political hardships in the country, listeners tune into God’s wisdom and incline their hearts to understand God’s Word through God’s Unique Book. May we find God’s knowledge as He speaks to us and directs us within His will and transforms us through the renewing of our minds.