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TWR Responds to Morocco Earthquake

5 October 2023

TWR is bringing a message of hope and healing to thousands who have lost loved ones and have been left hopeless by the earthquake that struck Morocco a few weeks ago.


“There are earthquakes, but with that goes spiritual earthquakes,” said the Mideast-based director of Arabic Ministries* for TWR (also known as Trans World Radio). “People’s beliefs, people’s faith have been shaken. And that’s an earthquake in itself. So I feel as Trans World Radio our role is to work in that area.”


To address the spiritual need, TWR will broadcast the trauma-healing series When Your Whole World Changes in Arabic. The programme is an audio version of printed material developed by Biblica (formerly the International Bible Society). Programmes are scheduled to air on weekdays beginning on the 19th September and continuing for 12 weeks.


TWR made the same programme available following the 6th February Türkiye-Syria earthquake, which killed tens of thousands. The death toll from the 8th September earthquake in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains was just under 3,000, at last count.


TWR already broadcasts an hour and a half of programming daily in Arabic from its Monte Carlo transmitter to Morocco, Tunisia and parts of Libya and Algeria, the Arabic Ministries director said. That includes the region of Libya where thousands are dead and thousands more missing as a result of recent flooding.


In addition to broadcast, the programme will be available via podcast, social media and digital media platforms, the director said. In Morocco, as in Syria, TWR also has partners on the ground who will distribute SD cards containing the programme.


Morocco has a special place in the annals of TWR because it was from Tangier, Morocco, almost 70 years ago that the ministry that became TWR first began broadcasting the message of hope in Jesus Christ.


The means of sharing have expanded, but the message hasn’t changed.


“We love this country. We love these people,” the Arabic Ministries director said of Morocco. “And I think we have a message that we need to share with them.”