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A woman in Eswatini, with a map showing the country’s location.


28 August 2018

With the expansion of broadcasts, TWR’s national partner in Eswatini hopes to reach many more people with the hope of the Gospel.

You may be more familiar with Eswatini under its former name Swaziland. TWR’s partner there is called Voice of the Church (VOC) and has been broadcasting to across Eswatini and in parts of South Africa and Mozambique since 1995. The programmes have reached people mainly in the isiSwati language, but the station received many requests for more programmes to be broadcast in English for the benefit of non-isiSwati speakers.

On 22 June 2018 VOC2 was launched: a new English-language channel dedicated to preaching the Good News to the people of Eswatini.

VOC is a respected and strategic organisation in Eswatini, and the launch event was attended by government officials including the Deputy Prime Minister as well as many church leaders.

“I live in [Eswatini] and I am a keen listener to your programme Hope for Today.

The programmes have been an inspiration and greatly affected my spiritual journey and my life in Christ. Thank you for changing my life.

May God bless you in the good works that you do, spreading the Gospel of Jesus so that people like me would believe and repent to the Lord.”

We hope you will join us and this listener in praying that VOC2 will be a blessing to the people of Eswatini.