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An elderly man in a turban


4 September 2018

Since TWR began broadcasting to Pakistan, Afghanistan and North India via the PANI transmitter in 2014, our team has heard from thousands of Afghan listeners. The reality of persecution is a common theme.

“You know that if I become a Christian, I will have no place in my house,” one 18-year-old boy shared. Another man said, “My wife and children are following [the country’s traditional religion] and turned against me because I told them I am a follower of Jesus.”

And one man told the heartbreaking story of an enemy who found out the man was a Christian and tried to kill him. “When they could not find me, they killed my brother,” he told our phone counsellors.

So you can imagine how much these men and women depend on the TWR broadcasts that people like you support. For many, it’s the only source of spiritual light they have. Without the PANI broadcasts, seekers would have no one to answer their questions. And in Afghanistan, a nation without a single church building, most new Christians would be completely alone.

You can help keep the light shining in Afghanistan, Pakistan and North India. The goal is to keep current programmes strong and expand our broadcasts to provide even more opportunities for people to know Christ.

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