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A woman praying
15 May 2018

Aida* in Angola was only eight months old when her parents separated. Her father took her away, where she remained in his care for 17 years. He was not a good father. He did not respect women and treated his...Read More

A Middle-Eastern man in a turban.
8 May 2018

Watching news of the floods of refugees in the Middle East and the devastation that ISIS and other extremists have brought, Jesus’ words in Matthew 9:36-38 come easily to mind: When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them,...Read More

Yao women in Malawi dance in front of a crowd
1 May 2018

This week we have four quick updates from around the world. TWR West Africa TWR Africa have plans for a new additional transmitter at the West Africa site. The existing transmitter is 100KW, and equipment has been secured to add...Read More



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