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child being carried by man
22 May 2018

Ravi* lived in a village with his wife. And although they really wanted children, they were unable to conceive even after 12 years of marriage. “I went to many doctors, tried witchcraft, consulted gurus, and even visited different places of...Read More

A woman praying
15 May 2018

Aida* in Angola was only eight months old when her parents separated. Her father took her away, where she remained in his care for 17 years. He was not a good father. He did not respect women and treated his...Read More

A Middle-Eastern man in a turban.
8 May 2018

Watching news of the floods of refugees in the Middle East and the devastation that ISIS and other extremists have brought, Jesus’ words in Matthew 9:36-38 come easily to mind: When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them,...Read More



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