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An oasis in the midst of sand dunes


22 January 2019

Last week we brought you news of a new transmitter which will reach further into West Africa. If you missed it, you can read about it here.

This week we hear from some listeners in West Africa, showing how vitally important the ministry in that part of the world is.


Hausa is one of the most-spoken languages in Nigeria, where the new transmitter will be broadcasting.

Thank you for the good work! I am a blind man and you are my source of the Word of God. I am your regular listener and asking for your prayers. Could you please pray for our area as people call themselves Christians, but they are using charms to destroy people’s farms.

Côte d’Ivoire

Hello Madam. I am very happy to listen to you on the radio, you are my advisor through the radio. It was a friend who invited me to listen to your programme following the difficulties in my married life. Your messages allowed me to understand the Word of God that I neglected and also now I find that I have made progress in my life of prayer. God bless you.

Guinea Bissau

I am from Guinea Bissau. I had never listened to anything concerning Christianity and the Holy Bible. It is the first time I listen through this programme and really like what I am hearing!


I am very marked by the advice you gave me. God bless you and sustain your ministry.