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17 09 19 Guam birthday-01
19 September 2017

On 5 September KTWR, TWR’s shortwave station on Guam, celebrated 40 years on the airwaves. The team will be marking the occasion with a celebration on 26 September. “This is a big milestone for Guam and TWR,” said Grant Hodgins,...Read More

12 September 2017

What a privilege to receive this precious listener response from a young woman who has encountered the life-changing love and forgiveness of Christ. The gospel of peace disarms hate and infuses broken lives with joy. “I hated you when I started to listen...Read More

5 September 2017

The oppression of Christians in Eritrea isn’t widely recognised, but that’s probably because independent and international media are largely absent from this northeast African country. That’s the view of Asali Kali Kimbo*, an Eritrean native who is host of the...Read More



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