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An oasis in the midst of sand dunes
15 January 2019

Millions of people in West Africa live without hope and have never heard of the living water promised by our Lord Jesus. It calls to mind the wanderings of Israel in the desert: a dry, thirsty and a barren land,...Read More

An African woman in traditional clothing and headscarf.
8 January 2019

The latest edition of Listening World is busy arriving on doormats, and in it you can read about the ministry in Africa, including the inspirational story of how listeners in Malawi – one of the poorest countries in the world...Read More

A woman tends a market stall
1 January 2019

The Silk Road transmitter is due to begin transmitting this month. In this testimony you can hear why broadcasts to Central Asia are so important. The listener is speaking with TWR’s International President Lauren Libby and their voice has been...Read More



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