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16 May 2024

In Hausaland, choosing to follow Jesus is a life-or-death matter. “If you accept Jesus to be your personal Lord and Saviour, you believe your faith is worth dying for,” said Canon Lazarus Bitrus, a Hausa Christian in northern Nigeria. “You expect to die for...Read More

2 May 2024

Ithemba Lomnqobi means “Victor’s Hope” in the IsiZulu language. It is a radio programme hosted by TWR Africa that uses dramatic arts as a conduit of hope for maltreated children and the caregivers who nurture and support them. What is Child...Read More

18 April 2024

At TWR, we believe everyone should have access to biblical resources that lead them to finding salvation in Christ and experiencing hope for a better future. In Prilep, North Macedonia, years of hopelessness and little access to faith-based resources have...Read More